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Terms & Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of SYZYGY seminars apply to all SYZYGY events, i.e. NeMA naval down, NeMA naval up, intensive courses, workshops and assessments, (henceforth Course) and products, i.e. online course, myofascial release products, videos, books and other study materials, merchandising products (henceforth Product).



Enrolments are accepted in writing as well as verbally and are binding. Course registrations are always confirmed in writing.



Seminar requirements:

For our seminars, we have a requirement that a certain course be taken before another. The NeMA naval down is always a prerequisite before the Naval up. Please check course details for more information.



Course Organization & Application:

In order to conduct Courses effectively, SYZYGY has set a minimum and maximum number of participants. In case of an insufficient number of participants, the Course will not be take place. In such a case, registered participans will be informed one week before the Course takes place. At the same time, the paid Course fees will be fully refunded or, if desired, the fees can be transferred to another booked Course. Additional compensation may not be invoked against SYZYGY. If for critical reasons a Course cannot be run by the specified instructor, SYZYGY reserves the right to change the dates, to cancel the course, or to use other qualified instuctors.



Payment Terms: 

After registering, the participant receives written confirmation as well as an invoice by email. The Course fee is to be paid no later than 45 days before the Course starts. That is the date of the receipt of payment into SYZYGY’s bank account. The current course fees are listed on the SYZYGY website .



Early registration special discount:

Participants can benefit from an early registration special discount if they pay the course fee by the defined early registration special discount date (each seminar has its different set times, please check the course details). Again, the date of the receipt of payment into SYZYGY’s account applies. If the Course fee payment arrives into SYZYGY’s account after the early registration special discount date, the regular Course fee will be charged.



Cancellation & Rebooking:

Participants can cancel their registration or rebook a Course in writing, by email or post. A cancellation or rebooking will incur a fee. All seminars have registration fee of 33.3% which is non-refundable. This fee is to secure your spot into the course that you have chosen. For early registration special discount fee the same fee applies to the registration of full price, the discount will then be subtracted for the total fee. The total fee should be paid at least 45 days before course date.



Cancellation Provisions 

The cancellation fee (regular course price) depends on the time of cancellation:

Time of Cancellation:

Up to14 days after registration

Cancellation Fee

Full refund

Up to 45 calendar days before the course starts 33.3% of regular cost
44 to 31calendar days before the course starts 66.6% of the regular cost
30 calendar days before the course starts 100% of the total cost


Rebooking Provisions:

The rebooking fee depends will be the exact same as the cancellation fee. Hence it will all depend on the timing of the rebooking and will be considered as a cancellation.

Time of Rebooking Rebooking Fee
Up to14 days after registration Full refund
Up to 45 calendar days before the course starts 33.3% of regular cost
44 to 31calendar days before the course starts 66.6% of the regular cost
30 calendar days before the course starts 100% of the total cost
A no show will be charged the full amount of the course fee.



Illness & Accident:

In the case of illness or accident-related no-shows/cancellations supported by a medical certificate, the missed portion can, in the best case, be rescheduled for a later date or the difference of the Course fees will be refunded.



Alternative Participants:

If an alternative participant who meets the Course prerequisites is indicated, the fee paid by a participant not being able to attend the training will cover his/her participation. In general, no Course fee refunds are possible due to missed classes.



Repeating Courses:

Those who have already attended a Course with SYZYGY may repeat the same Course to the same extent at a reduced price. In general, the reduction is 40% of the full Course price. A definitive confirmation and admission to the Course takes place two weeks before the Course starts.



Presence Requirement:

The Course is considered as completed if the participant has attended at least 80% of the face-to-face class. In agreement with the SYZYGY guidelines, if a problem occurs the above mentioned is to take place.



Certificates & Diplomas:

After a Course is completed, the participant receives a certificate free of charge. If for some reason the certificate is damaged or lost and the participant requires a new one, fees will apply.



Online Course:

SYZYGY online course, is designed to work on the dysfunction that the client sent to the company. A professional will assess the given information and will work to the best of his/her ability to make the perfect treatment protocol. Just like real life scenarios there could be many factors that take place and we do not guarantee that you will get fixed. Please consult your personal doctor before attempting any course including this one.



Your participation in any event by SYZYGY is at your own risk and responsibility. Participants should be aware that Course units involve physical activity and exertion and therefore accept full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to themselves or their property. Fines, prosecution and/or claims for damages against SYZYGY as well as its organizers, instructors, assistants, exam experts and participants will be waived.




SYZYGY assumes no liability for injuries/accidents and/or damage occurring during events. Each participating individual is personally responsible for having adequate insurance coverage. The country where the seminar is held the law applies, the place of jurisdiction is the country where the seminar is held.



Photo & Video Recording:

Participants are not permitted to make video recordings during Courses. Photos can be taken if the educator agrees, but they cannot be used for commercial purposes. Photo and video materials taken during Courses and produced by SYZYGY can be used by SYZYGY only. They may appear in internal training materials or in publications for print media or electronic channels. The educator will inform the participants in advance about recordings. The participant has the right that no photo or video recordings of him / her are made.




SYZYGY reserves the right to deliver ordered Products only after full payment has been received.


Return & Exchange:

SYZYGY Products are generally excluded from exchange, unless the delivered Product has demonstrably significant defects that make the appropriate use impossible.


General Complaints:

Complaints can be sent by e-mail to the SYZYGY customer [email protected] Customers who submit complaints will be contacted within 5 working days. SYZYGY takes complaints seriously and strives to find an agreeable settlement as soon as possible.


Data Protection:

The protection of privacy in the processing of personal data is an important concern of SYZYGY. Personal data will be processed according to legal regulations.


Third Parties:

Basically, no data will be passed on to third parties. Exceptions to this are authorities, such as the tax administration, which has a legitimate claim to certain data.



Information & Erasure:

Interested parties, customers can be provided with information about which of their personal data is stored by SYZYGY and request the erasure of the same, provided that there is no legally required retention (payment data).




SYZYGY documents, texts, images, graphics, audio and video files are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The further use of all kinds, in particular duplication or passing on to third parties, requires the written approval of SYZYGY. If the copyright of SYZYGY or third parties is violated, the participant, regardless of the degree of negligence and a limitation of liability per incident, owes a contractual penalty of 5,000 Euros. The payment of the pledged penalty does not exempt from the obligation to respect the copyright in the future, respectively to meet the requirements or to refrain from the injury in the future. SYZYGY reserves the right to assert further damage.










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