NeMA Seminar Part 1 – Naval down – Berlin – JANUARY 2020 (ENGLISH)


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5 day NeMA (Neuro muscular association) seminar in Berlin Germany on January 23-27 2020.
Learn how to identify relevant human dysfunctions, relieve myofascial restrictions, and reprogram human biomechanics to improve walking, running, throwing, and lifting for everything from the naval down. Which will include the following regions, lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee and the joints of the foot.

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Pay a deposit of $600.00 per item



  • Specific anatomy and physiology: We will cover the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the following regions: Lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee, and the joints of the foot. We will teach you the difference between regular anatomy and applied biomechanical anatomy.
  • Integrated anatomy and physiology: We will cover the basics of an integrated body of anatomy and physiology to ensure that you can follow the SYZYGY thought principles of assessing and treating the human body. You will have a basic understanding of the biomechanics of movement, the web of fascia, the physiology of pain, and the neurological pathways of the human body.


  • Specific assessment: You will learn the most affective verbal, visual, and manual assessments of the following regions: Lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee, and the joints of the foot. This will enable you to find the most relevant dysfunctions which is the basis of planning a successful treatment.
  • Integrated assessment: We will teach you the specific key questions that will improve the likelihood of identifying red flags of manual treatment. You will also learn to screen the entire body with all of its systems to help you be a better health consultant. You will learn the most effective assessments to screen posture and movement.


  • Specific treatment: We will give you the most effective techniques from osteopathy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, and structural integration to speed up the process of eliminating dysfunctions of the following regions: Lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee, and the joints of the foot. We will also cover our own tried and tested techniques called NeMA (neuromuscular association) that combine the beneficial effects of manual intervention and neurological reprogramming of muscles.
  • Reprogramming – Training: We will teach you the essential key components of biomechanics. This will enable you to program any complex human movement by integrating these essentials of human biomechanics.
  • Self MFR for naval down: We will show you the best way to teach your clients self MFR techniques so they can continue the treatment at home. We find this to be a good tool to launch self-responsibility in our clients and also betters the treatment process.


  • Health essentials: We will give you an overview of the methods and interventions that beneficially influence our overall well-being.



Top Physio Gmbh

Voltastrasse 3
13355 Berlin


Dates & Times:

23rd – 27th of January 2020

Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 18:00 o’clock

Monday: 09:00 – 13:00 o’clock

There is a 15 min break at 11:00 and 16:00 o’clock

On the last day of the course (Monday) from 13:00 – 14:00 o’clock we will be available to answer any questions you may have. This part is not mandatory.


Overall Information:
• The course language is English. You should be able to understand and speak the English language in order to follow the course. Please note that we can only translate certain words to the German language during the course because of timing and efficiency.
• When you sign up for this course we expect you to know human physiology and anatomy so you can follow the course. What we mean by that is that you should have an overall knowledge of the muscles, bones, joints and ligaments of the pelvis, lumbar spine and the lower extremity and that you understand the basics of muscle and nerve physiology.
• We cannot teach you the basics of the human physiology and anatomy because of timing and efficiency. We will talk a lot about the physiology of tissue in certain special situations and conditions. We cover anatomy and courses of certain muscles and fascia lines in context of human biomechanics.
• On the first day of the seminar you will receive the script in printed form.
• Please bring something to write if you want to take notes.
• Please bring sports clothing and a towel to put on the bench when you are laying on it.
• You are not allowed to make videos and picture in the seminar. In order for you to have the optimal learning experience, we recommend you to not make videos and focus on the seminar. All relevant information is in the script that you will receive from us.
• Please consider to be on time so everybody in the seminar can have an optimal learning experience
• There is free water, tea, coffee, fruits and biscuits available in the cafeteria for you
Terms and conditions apply.