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I studied years in the different fields of medicine. From studying medicine for a couple of years to doing physiotherapy, learning osteopathy and chiropractic up to doing endless postgraduate courses in the fields of applied kinesiology, nutrition and ending up in even doing education in functional movements.

All of these concepts were great and they offered me a million of different techniques to choose from but I always felt like a carpenter that had hundreds of different fancy tools (like hammers, screwdrivers, saws etc.) to choose from without having an idea on how to construct a long lasting table or chair.

I have the firm belief that it is more important to have a plan on how something works and functions than having endless tools and techniques to choose from without understanding the principle. To stay with the example of the carpenter, I would rather hire a carpenter that knows how to build a stable, long lasting, sustainable chair, carrying only a small tool-kit case with him, than a carpenter that doesn’t know anything about the principle of constructing a chair but having two cars full of the most fancy, up to date tools that are out on the market.

It’s been a personal goal of mine, since a long time, to offer people a ‘best of’ of all the techniques from the existing educations that I did, with providing people at the same time with a thought concept that applies to almost all cases of human dysfunctions and pain no matter what age or health state they are in.

I am proud to say that I think John and I created something that can provide all of this, for now;) because we keep questioning, rethinking and integrating until the end of our time. I promise to keep all of you constantly updated but more importantly this should be an opportunity for all of you guys to start questioning, rethinking and integrating for yourselves and keep innovating and improving the wellbeing of yourself and all the other people around you by yourselves.


I started in the strength and conditioning field around 10 years ago with what is called a scientific approach. I used a lot of testing and assessments to determine how the person was to be trained.

After taking so many different courses and working with many established athletes you come to learn what works and what does not. Every day in the workplace is a day to learn something new. As I went through these days there was one thing that would be a bump in the road a detour from going any further and it was pain.

Stopping at nothing to solve the pain issue at the time and working with Kariem we started to develop faster techniques to get right to the problem. The biggest development I think we made is not the techniques we use but rather the way we read the body.

Using several of the foundations that many scientists have already laid out for us and adding our own extra methods that we derived from years of experience, I think we have come up with the best protocol for biomechanics expertise and pain.

Questioning, rethinking and integrating was the foundation that got us to where we are today.