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About us

Question 01


In all fields of society and especially in the field of health the only way to progress is to constantly question the current paradigms, as the history of medicine and technology has proven to us. We at SYZYGY live by this principle to “always question everything”, and this paved the path to create a new concept with this as the core philosophy.

Rethink 02


Suffering from having more and more open questions about anatomy and biomechanics that nobody could answer, made us rethink the entire established concepts of therapy and training. The frustration of not having an answer opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities for enhancing human performance and the overall well-being for our clients and ourselves.

Integrate 03


After years of experience in the field of health and rehabilitation and applying many different concepts we realized that the problem is not the amount of techniques and assessments out there, but rather what principles to apply for a certain dysfunction. We collected the most effective techniques from established concepts like osteopathy, physical therapy, movement therapy and sports science then added our own creations to give you our personal selection of assessment, treatment and training which brought the series of NeMA seminars to life.



Ever wonder why you are not getting the results you are supposed to?


Did breaking a rule ever give you a great outcome?


Did you ever mix things that aren’t supposed to be mixed and the result surprisingly worked?